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Mediatrix 1204 4 Port FXO Analog Gateway

Mediatrix 1204 4 Port FXO Analog Gateway
US $: $0.00
Manufacturer: Mediatrix

Mediatrix 1204 4 Port FXO Analog Gateway

Analog Series
1204 - Four-port FXO analog gateway
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Key Features
IP connectivity for analog PSTN lines
IP connectivity for legacy PBX Systems
PSTN connectivity to IP-based telephone systems
Provides PSTN users access to a VoIP Network
PSTN-quality voice over IP networks
Deployable in SIP or H.323 VoIP networks
Auto configurable, remotely manageable and upgradeable
Interoperable with equipment from leading industry vendors
Fax over IP support, including T.38
Multiple codec support
Internal power supply
Ideal for enterprise or carrier-based applications

The Mediatrix® 1204 is an analog VoIP gateway equipped with four FXO ports and one 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port. It can connect analog PSTN lines and legacy PBX Systems to an IP telephony network. Its low-density design makes the Mediatrix 1204 a cost-effective gateway suitable for small and medium size enterprises and an ideal CPE platform for integration with an existing IP telephony architecture deployed by service providers, carriers or system integrators.

Connecting the IP and the PSTN
The Mediatrix 1204 bridges the gap between the IP and the PSTN. It connects up to four analog CO lines to the IP through a single 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port – providing convenient access to an IP telephony network for PSTN users around the world. The Mediatrix 1204 also provides PSTN access for various VoIP endpoints such as IP phones, FXS devices, softphones and IP-based PBX and Key Systems.

For enterprise end-users, the Mediatrix 1204 provides a simple, transparent and cost-effective way of maintaining a connection to the PSTN while migrating to an IP-based telephony infrastructure. Moreover, by providing IP connectivity to analog extension ports of a PBX, the Mediatrix 1204 IP-enables legacy PBX systems and makes IP telephony applications available.

Service providers, carriers and system integrators will benefit by the additional revenue generating opportunities created through a host of applications deployed at enterprise end-user sites. As a cost-effective solution, the Mediatrix 1204 is ideal for allowing remote IP endpoints to behave like PBX extensions. Additionally, the Mediatrix 1204 provides a gateway to the PSTN for IP-based PBX and Key Systems. When configured with a communications management system, the Mediatrix 1204 can offer PSTN connectivity to IP phones and softphones – a popular feature requested by many end-users on IP endpoints.

The Mediatrix 1204 can make use of existing broadband access equipment to connect to any standards-based VoIP network. Moreover, by connecting CO lines from selected sites to a VoIP network, the Mediatrix 1204 enables carriers and service providers to offer IP-based application services to PSTN users worldwide. Plus, the Mediatrix 1204 offers full integration with the Mediatrix IP Communication Server resulting in an end-to-end converged enterprise solution.


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